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Become a Flu Fighter Today!

By: Stephen Jones, MD

We strongly recommend you and your family take the time to get a flu shot as soon as possible. Why you ask?

A Few Reasons To Become A Flu Fighter—This Year and Every Year
  1. Getting the flu vaccine truly helps to protect your child. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), flu “vaccination has been shown to have many benefits including reducing the risk of flu illnesses, hospitalizations, and even the risk of flu-related death in children.” Need we say more?
  2. Vaccinating your family serves the community around you. Planning to safely socialize with older family members over the holidays? Have any pregnant friends? Think you’ll go to the grocery store in the upcoming months? Studies have shown that newborns, young children, older people, and people who live with chronic illness can respond more dramatically to the flu. Long story short, the flu vaccine could literally save the life of a loved one—or someone else’s loved one!
  3. The more families who get the flu vaccine, the more chance there is that we will not place a major strain on our healthcare systems. Unfortunately, COVID-19 is still very much present in our society. One of the best ways to support our front line workers is to do our part in keeping supplies available and ready for patients with the coronavirus.

Helping your family get the flu vaccine before the hustle and bustle of the fall season is truly the number one way to protect your child, to serve the community around you, and to support healthcare systems nationwide.

Sign up the whole family for a flu clinic today or simply ask anyone at our office for a flu shot while at your child’s next appointment.

Until next time,

Dr. Stephen Jones

Parkside Provider, father of three, and aspiring chicken farmer

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