Back to School

By: Scott Dobson, MD

“Summer is over???” Many of you are thinking as August seems to be rolling in like a train with no breaks. Don’t be fooled, we here at Parkside feel the Exact. Same. Way. but we do have a few helpful tips for you and your family as you embark on another school year…

Parkside’s Tips for a Successful School Year
  • As the covid climate becomes cloudy yet again, try your best NOT to compare your family’s choices about school with decisions that other families are making. Dr. Jones’ words from last year still ring true as we embark on another school year, “Remind yourself that you do not know a family’s specific mental, physical, and/or financial situation. There all types of instances where a child should be kept at home for virtual learning during this time, and plenty more where they should try and be in some type of face-to-face learning environment despite the overarching risks involved.”
  • Mask up. We know…this is not ideal. But, masks (for children 2 and up) have proven highly effective in preventing the spread of COVID-19 and, with many of our children still unvaccinated, masks are one of our best tools for protecting children and teachers as they interact indoors.
  • Talk with your kids about the upcoming school year. Covid or no covid, talking to your child about their excitements and their fears surrounding any change is a good idea. Share with them memories that you have from school, ask them what their dream lunch would be to have packed once a week, reminisce about each of your favorite activities you did together this summer…nothing is too small. Just take a moment to acknowledge the change in season and you never know what you may learn about how your little one is feeling.
  • Remember that your child is resilient. More often than not, these little creatures are capable of adapting and persevering than most adults. As they begin a new school year with a new teacher or new classmates or a new platform (virtual learning anyone?), remember that they are not only learning facts about algebra and history, they are laying down the groundwork for the way that they will navigate their adult life. Processing and reacting to change is a part of life and your child will grow through their experiences—especially the ones that aren’t so picturesque.

Ready or not, the fall 2021 school year is here. Please don’t forget that we are here for you as your child starts a new adventure. Call us to schedule a well-check and get your child caught up on any vaccines they may be missing. Read through our blog as we discuss everything from COVID-19 to momxiety to childhood trauma. Sign your child up for one of our new Behavioral Health classes so that they can process their feelings among their peers. Never hesitate to reach out to us as you take the first steps into this fall and beyond.

Until next time,

Dr. Dobson

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