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Preventative Care

Flu Vaccine FAQs

Flu season is upon us friends and, with the coronavirus still present in our communities, it is now more important than ever to help your family get the flu vaccine to stay safe and support the health-care system around you. To help you feel informed, confident, and calm when it comes to the flu vaccine

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Coronavirus: An Update on Children and the Vaccine

A topic that continues to stay in the news (and in our exam rooms with our Parkside families) is children and the coronavirus. Many questions are still circulating about kids and the COVID-19 vaccine and I think we all want to know more information about the population in our country who remains ineligible to receive

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Coronavirus: Should My Child Get the Covid Vaccine?

As school starts back up here in the Upstate, I think the question at the forefront of all parents’ minds is, “What is the current research telling us about children and the coronavirus?” Here at Parkside, we are committed to keeping you educated and in-the-know about things Peds so that you can make the best

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Tummy Time

“Frustration is the key to milestones”… I know I’ve read that somewhere when my youngest was a newborn and it’s the first thing that comes out of my mouth when addressing tummy time during well visits.  Every now and then, you may hear that a child enjoys tummy time but more often than not, newborns

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Coronavirus: Celebrating Easter Safely

We are ready. We want to go to our friend’s home for an Easter brunch and not worry about who’s cup our child picked up. We want to not have the urge to spray down our kids’ Easter eggs with disinfectant before they pry them open to explore their loot. We want to attend a

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Coronavirus: What’s the Word on a Children’s Vaccine?

Two parents wearing masks holding child with mask

It’s been roughly two months since a COVID-19 vaccine has been approved for adults in our country and the roll out has only just begun. Currently, the vaccine is being administered in phases, where people in the medical field were given top priority. Many of our employees (i.e. your child’s providers and their team members)

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Coronavirus: Keeping Halloween Spooky, Not Contagious

boy in skeleton shirt pointing at girl in pumpkin shirt

Halloween, a cherished holiday for many and a true symbol of American fall culture. With pretend play and candy consuming prioritized on this last day of October, how can you blame children for looking forward to it the second the leaves begin to change? Unfortunately this year, Halloween should look a little different due to

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What to Expect at Your Child’s Well Check

Well care visits are one of my favorite parts of being a pediatrician. I love getting a chance to talk to my patients and their families, and I truly cherish getting to know each one of them on a deeper level. Your child’s well exam will look different depending on their medical history and your

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Mumps and Measles

a female doctor checking a child to see if they have mumphs

Another day, another reason clinical research and medical advancement is so important to our children’s overall health. Mumps and Measles may ring a bell to some, but thanks to highly effective vaccines, neither of these viral infections make a huge appearance in our offices. That said, both illnesses can still affect children so remaining informed

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Become a Flu Fighter Today!

We strongly recommend you and your family take the time to get a flu shot as soon as possible. Why you ask? A Few Reasons To Become A Flu Fighter—This Year and Every Year Getting the flu vaccine truly helps to protect your child. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), flu

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