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Coronavirus: We are Here for You this Fall

By: Justin Moll, MD

Even as I type the words I can’t believe it but, as Fall approaches, our country faces the fact that we have been battling the novel coronavirus for over half a year. Like many businesses across the country—and around the world— we’ve had to adjust, come together, and assess how we can best serve our Parkside families and our team members.

Here’s How Parkside Plans to be Here for You this Fall…
  • Reserving the patient rooms within our offices for Well Visits ONLY. In fact, we have not seen sick patients inside any of our facilities since school was released back in March. Patients coming in for preventative care are screened for illness before entering our building and are encouraged to check-in from their car, bypassing the waiting room and escorted directly into an exam room.

    We highly recommend to make preventative care for your child a top priority, even during these strange COVD-19 times. Receiving the flu vaccine is a great example of one of the small ways you can help to protect your entire family this Fall and Winter.

  •  Cleaning exam rooms. Our routine procedure is to wipe down all door handles, TV remotes, mirrors, faucets, etc. between each patient visit. We have also added extra cleaning measures within our offices at the end of each workday.
  • Creating a separate Outside Curbside/Sick Care Center. As fall approaches and the temperatures are cooler, we will once again care for our patients who have a fever, cough, or any sick symptoms under tents located right next to our Verdae location. Families will see the same friendly faces that we all know and love—just out of the comfort of their own vehicle. The same cleaning strategies listed above will be carried out daily.
  • Continuing Virtual Visits for sick visit, rechecks, and more! We can see your child for certain visits in the comfort of your own home through our secure patient portal on the Healow App.
  • Offering Virtual Classes, Webinars, and Camps for all ages—parents included! Obviously, this will not be the same as getting to interact in person, but it is certainly the next best thing
  • Wearing masks during all interactions. Providers, Medical Assistants, and Front Desk Associates will all be wearing masks no matter the reason for your child’s visit. We strongly encourage anyone over the age of 2 to wear a mask or cloth face covering as well.
  • Washing hands before each new interaction. As usual, all of our providers wash their hands before and after each patient encounter and regularly clean equipment used during their physical exam.

At Parkside, we know how challenging this year has been for so many. We encourage all families to still prioritize preventative care, educate yourselves about COVID-19, and show grace and kindness to those around you. Please do not hesitate to reach out to us with any questions—we are here for you!

Until next time,

Dr. Justin Moll

Parkside Provider, Disney crier, and dad on fire

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