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Why is a Flu Vaccination Important?

Annual vaccination against the flu is recommended for all people age 6 months and older to reduce the risk of flu illness, hospitalization and even death. Getting a flu vaccine this season will be more important than ever, not only to reduce your risk from the flu but to also help conserve potentially scarce health care resources. At Parkside Pediatrics, we are prepared to vaccinate your entire family. Plus, all of our flu vaccines are quadrivalent, meaning that they protect you from four strains of the flu virus, and are preservative-free. Call to reserve a spot for your entire family at one of our quick and convenient flu clinics. (Yes, we file insurance for everyone, so be sure to bring your insurance cards!) You can also get your flu shot during any scheduled appointment. Just let our team know at check-in.

Flu Clinic Schedule

Five Forks

  • 9/4 (AM)
  • 9/9 (PM)
  • 9/19 (Saturday)
  • 9/22 (PM)
  • 9/25 (AM)
  • 10/9 (AM/PM)
  • 10/17 (Saturday)
  • 10/20 (PM)
  • 10/28 (PM)
  • 11/7 (Saturday)
  • 11/12 (PM)
  • 11/14 (Saturday)
  • 11/17 (PM)


  • 9/3 (PM)
  • 9/12 (Saturday)
  • 9/18 (AM/PM)
  • 9/24 (PM)
  • 10/3 (Saturday)
  • 10/22 (AM/PM)
  • 10/30 (AM/PM)

Harrison Bridge Road

  • 9/11 (AM)
  • 9/17 (AM/PM)
  • 10/2 (AM)
  • 10/20 (AM/PM)

Reidville Road

  • 09/15 (PM)
  • 10/16 (AM)
  • 10/24 (Saturday)


  • 11/4 (PM)


  • 10/15 (AM/PM)

Frequently Asked Questions

Who should get a flu vaccine?
CDC recommends that all people ages 6 months and older should get a flu vaccine every year, and we agree!

Who can get the vaccine at Parkside?
Any Parkside patient and their immediate family can get the flu vaccine at one of our convenient clinics. Let us know who all will want the vaccine when making your appointment.

Do I need an appointment for a vaccine?
Yes, in order to make our clinics fast and convenient, everyone needs a scheduled appointment time.

Will Parkside file our insurance?
Yes, we file insurance for everyone getting the vaccine including parents and other immediate family members up to age 65. (We do not have the high dose recommended for 65+ and we do not file Medicare) So please bring your license and insurance card with you. If you don’t have insurance, we do offer a flat fee for the vaccine.

How many strains will the vaccine protect me from?
All of our flu vaccines are quadrivalent, which means they’ll protect you from 4 strains (2 A strains and 2 B strains) of the flu virus.

Do some people need two doses of flu vaccine?
Some children ages 6 months through 8 years old require two doses of flu vaccine. This includes those who have never received a flu vaccine in the past and those who have only received one dose of flu vaccine in the past. Children in this age range only need one dose this season if they have gotten two doses of seasonal flu vaccine in the past.

How long does the vaccine work?
The CDC recommends that people are vaccinated between September to October so that they are protected for the entire flu season.

But can’t the flu vaccine give me the flu?
No! The flu vaccines that we use are all inactivated vaccines, meaning that the virus is not a live virus and cannot give you the flu.

What are the side effects of the flu vaccine?
Localized site reactions (pain, redness, swelling), muscle aches, headache, and low-grade fever are the most common side effects of the flu vaccine. These are usually very mild and only last a few days.

Don’t flu vaccines all have the preservatives in them?
No! The flu vaccines that we use are all preservative-free.

Can my child get the flu vaccine if they have an egg allergy?
Yes! If your child has an egg allergy, he or she can still get a flu vaccine. If your child’s only reaction to eggs is hives, then he or she can get any flu vaccine. This year we have an egg-free option for patients 4 years and older. If your child is less than 4 years old and has a severe egg allergy, his or her allergist may prefer for your child to get their flu shot at the allergist’s office. If you have questions regarding egg allergy, our triage team can help!

Can my child get the flu vaccine if they have asthma?
Yes! The flu vaccines that we carry are all safe for children and adults with asthma.

Is the flu vaccine recommended for pregnant women?
Yes! The flu vaccine is recommended for pregnant women in any trimester of pregnancy. It is also safe for breastfeeding moms.

One year I was vaccinated but still got the flu. Does that mean I should skip the vaccine?
No! The flu vaccine cannot prevent 100% of cases of flu, but we do know those who get the flu and were vaccinated often have less severe symptoms compared to those who were unvaccinated.

What if I was diagnosed with the flu already this season. Does that mean I don’t need to get vaccinated?
No! Even if you have been diagnosed with the flu, you should still get your vaccine. There are multiple strains that circulate each season so even if you’ve been sick with one strain, you may still be susceptible to others.

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