Our Parkside Providers

are here to serve

We do things differently at Parkside. We have care teams of providers (pediatricians, certified physician assistants, and pediatric nurse practitioners) and clinical team members who provide consistent care for your family. Under this model, our families get to know not only their provider, but also the members of their clinical team. This consistency creates a place of comfort and familiarity while providing the best medical care and establishing lifelong relationships. Click each circle to learn more about our four care teams.

Meet our Providers and Care Teams

Here at Parkside our mission is to know our patients and their families, serve you with love and compassion, while providing the best, most up-to-date medical care possible. We call it “The Parkside Way” and believe it is what sets up apart as a practice. While we are excited to be able to offer more convenience, better access, and additional services to you and your family through our two locations, the most important thing is to keep the heart of Parkside, still Parkside. It’s the Parkside you know and love.

To achieve this — “growing smaller as we grow bigger” — we have care teams at both locations. What that means for you is that while we are growing bigger to offer you the highest level of quality pediatric care in the Upstate, we want to feel smaller, more personal, and more connected to you than ever. You won’t be frustrated by, “I don’t remember the name of the doctor we saw last time” or “we don’t recognize any of the new staff.” When you can easily see your provider and a care team of providers and nurses that you are comfortable and confident with, you not only receive the best medical care available for your child, but you also get life-long relationships and lasting memories. And that’s why we do what we do. We cherish that relationship too.

You can always be sure, at Parkside, you are the reason we do what we do—we love your family, are so thankful for your trust, and count it a true privilege and blessing to serve you every day.

All of our Pediatricians are certified by the American Board of Pediatrics and dedicated to providing your family with the level of care they expect for their own.

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