Lifelong habits are formed early on, so let’s make sure they’re healthy ones.

Establishing a great relationship with kids is critical to our success as pediatricians. During the school-age years, our goal is to help your child build strong healthy habits that will last a lifetime. That includes building a trust with their doctor and viewing them as an ally in their life journey.

Kids at Parkside have fun with our team. From a high-five for acing a test to filling us in on the latest school trends, we love it all. Parkside kids enjoy their experiences and build life-long relationships with our providers and team.

Find out what happens at each check up.

Each well check—from the initial newborn visit through adolescence—is important! At these visits we discuss nutrition, safety, growth, and provide immunizations. Age-appropriate developmental screenings are also done. At Parkside, we love being a part of your child’s growth and development!