They may already look and even act like an adult…

But there are still a lot of “kid” things going on in that body and brain. At Parkside, we help you and your teen navigate the road to adulthood as it relates to healthy mental and physical growth, making good choices in life, and solid communication between parents and teens.

Parkside teens enjoy an office that is nothing like a typical “little kid” doctor’s office. With iPads and a waiting area free of clowns and trains, your teen will feel at home at Parkside.  Most importantly, they will connect with a provider that can relate and communicate with your teen about serious health and environmental concerns.

Find out what happens at each check up.

Each well check—from the initial newborn visit through adolescence—is important! At these visits we discuss nutrition, safety, growth, and provide immunizations. Age-appropriate developmental screenings are also done. At Parkside, we love being a part of your child’s growth and development!