The Parkside Way

The Death of George Floyd: Parkside’s Response

By: Justin Moll, MD

As a company, we live by the mantra that we are called to serve one another in love (Gal. 5:13). This means we cannot tolerate racism, prejudice, brutality, or hatred in any form. Unfortunately, what occurred in Minneapolis on May 25th is just the most recent manifestation of a historical division in our nation that holds pain and heartbreak for so many. While many of us have had the privilege of never being the target of racism because of the color of our skin, we must open our eyes now more than ever before and see the social and racial injustice that is so very real for others who are different from us. We must stand alongside our team, patients, and community who are perceived and treated differently because of the color of their skin.

The above quote is from our leadership team as Parkside, like so many other companies nationwide, longs to listen, grow, and truly be a part of the change that must come from the unbelievably tragic event that unfolded in Minneapolis last week.

May we not let the coming months dilute the truth behind the pain that so many are feeling. May we humbly commit to building unity within our company and across the Upstate.

Until next time,

Dr. Justin Moll

Parkside Provider, dad on fire, and Disney crier

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