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The thread that both binds and runs throughout Parkside Pediatrics and the Tribe513 family is a heartfelt commitment to loving and serving others before self. In fact, the “513” in our name is derived from Galatians 5:13 in which God calls us to use the freedom He gives us not to serve ourselves, but to serve others, and to do so humbly in love.

While no one has been immune to the impacts of the events of 2020 – the global pandemic, racial injustice, social and political unrest, natural disasters, etc. – this year has often felt like God was putting our stated commitment to serving others to the test: Were we really going to live this out amidst the significant fear and uncertainty? Really? Honestly, it would have been so much easier to find excuses and reasons not to…all the ingredients were there. But our team wouldn’t stop – to them, the nature of what we do means answering God’s call to love and serve even on the darkest of days.

As Team Appreciation Week begins and I reflect on the challenges placed before us this year and how we were being called to respond, one consistent theme has come into focus:

In the face of stress, fear, anxiety and so many legitimate reasons to hold back on pouring into others, the opposite occurred. Instead of shying away, our team leaned in. They loved and served stronger. They showed up day after day to care for others. They prayed together. Cried together. Comforted one another. They proved to be shining examples of Christ’s love for those around them.


Our entire team leaned into change, stepped out of their comfort zones, and propelled forward in the face of many unknowns – never once wavering in their mission. Not a soul second guessed the steps in the journey that largely became about combating COVID-19. Not a single provider complained when they had to don and doff full personal protective equipment (PPE) dozens of times a day in order to safely test for the coronavirus. No one even batted an eye lash when we asked them to work in our curbside clinics in the cold, heat, and rain in order to serve our sick patients.

While some of this comes with the territory as providing medical care is what we do, it doesn’t define us as a work family. Indeed, we do not think of ourselves first and foremost as being in the medical business…instead, we believe ourselves to be in the love and serve business, we just happen to live that out through the provision of medical care.


Said another way, you might consider providing medical care to be “common”. The challenge we make to all of our team members when they come to work at Parkside or another practice in our Tribe513 family, is to do this common thing in an uncommon way: to not just treat injuries and diagnose illnesses, but to try be the hands and feet of Jesus. In doing so, we aim to not only address the very real physical needs of our patients, but also establish loving relationships, make people feel valued and known, and foster an environment where pouring into one another’s lives is the norm.

I’m in awe of each and every member of the Tribe513 family and how they’ve brought this to life in 2020. I’m grateful for the sacrifices they’ve made to keep us going, both at work and at home. I hope to continue to learn from them and do my part to honor and show my appreciation for them during this special week.

There is a quote that I’ve often heard but has hit me a bit differently in 2020. I think it strongly reflects how I view our team and the impact they’ve had this year on our patients, families, and community:

Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed people can change the world.

Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has.

-Margaret Mead

By God’s grace and provision, I know I will never doubt the impact our team can have in the darkest of circumstances. I am beyond thankful for their perseverance, dedication, and joy.

May we continue to love and serve across the upstate for many years to come.

Until next time,

Chris Carino

Chief Operating Officer at Tribe513, perpetually vertically challenged, humble husband to Kayt, and proud father of two

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