During the toddler stage your child experiences some of the most dramatic changes in their development, so it is important to have a great relationship with your pediatrician to help guide you through the amazing toddler years.

At Parkside, we provide support, education, and many services as it relates to toddlers and their ever changing world. Moving beyond the basic needs open an entire world of milestones, behaviors, and physical and mental growth that are critical for establishing life-long healthy habits. And with young children of our own, we know that besides a good nights sleep, support is one of the greatest gifts to offer parents! At Parkside, we are always here for you.

Find out what happens at each check up.

Each well check—from the initial newborn visit through adolescence—is important! At these visits we discuss nutrition, safety, growth, and provide immunizations. Age-appropriate developmental screenings are also done. At Parkside, we love being a part of your child’s growth and development!