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Why a Blog?

By: MaryFran Anderson

“I got this parenting thing in the bag, no need for assistance here!” said no one. Literally EVER.

Parenting a child can be the hardest, most rewarding, exhausting, life-giving, thought-provoking experience of your life. You can be left feeling hopeless as your child refuses to sleep through the night, or judged as your toddler (or teen) has a temper tantrum in public, or even hurt as teachers weigh in on your child’s learning challenges. There is no rule book to follow and every child is different with their own unique strengths as well as their own complex struggles.

Here at Parkside, we want to come alongside you as you wade through the murky waters of this thing called parenting. The waves can be unpredictable and the surf unforgiving, but the beauty — oh the beauty! — of watching a child grow is matched by very few things this side of heaven.

Read along as we aim to bring clarity to confusing (and sometimes controversial) topics, provide tools for common parenting predicaments, and guide you towards medical truth to help you and your family flourish, instead of flounder.

Get to know our providers on a deeper level as they share their tips and tricks from what they have learned along the way, from both practicing medicine and from engaging in some parenting of their own!

As always, we want to be your home base for all things pediatrics and we feel this platform is just another way to love, serve, and connect with our Parkside families.

So, whether you have one child, a large family, foster children, or are expecting a little one, we are here for you. You are not embarking or continuing on this adventure alone. We are here to steady the ship and send a life jacket when needed!

Until next time,

MaryFran Anderson

Community Engagement Coordinator, mother of two, and guacamole enthusiast

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