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Enlarged Tonsils

Like many parts of our body, the tonsils are small organs that we don’t often think about. That is, until something goes wrong… Located on either side of the back

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Asthma is a chronic disease of inflammation of the lungs. When the lungs are exposed to a trigger such as a cold or allergen, the tubes in the lungs (or

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Happy Mother’s Day!

Servant. Cheer leader. Teacher. Snack Maker. Personal driver. Midnight nurse. Secret Keeper. Hero. Mom. Parkside is in awe of all the moms we see walk in and out of our

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Coronavirus: Celebrating Easter Safely

We are ready. We want to go to our friend’s home for an Easter brunch and not worry about who’s cup our child picked up. We want to not have

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Let’s Talk About Warts

Warts. Many of us likely had them as a child. Many of us still likely have no idea what they are or why they show up on our children’s hands,

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Childhood Trauma

When you envision raising your children, you probably imagine sweet swaddled infants, young toddlers playing in the front yard, and older children bringing home schoolwork and a refrigerator covered in

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