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Behavioral Health

Coronavirus: Parenting Through Your Own Emotions

There’s been many a moment over the last Covid-19 filled months where I’ve lost myself in negative thoughts, or just plain old worry, only to be brought back to reality by one (or several) of my children behaving poorly. I immediately try to remedy the situation by reacting appropriately but, since I was not even

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Happy Birthday Behavioral Health

Parkside’s Behavioral Health is turning ONE. To celebrate, we want to say THANK YOU.   Thank you to our families for trusting us with your children. Thank you for letting us listen. Thank you for investing in your child’s mental and emotional well-being. We are honored that you chose us to come alongside your family

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Talking to Your Child About Racial Injustice

In these tense and unsettling times, we know that you as parents understandably have questions about how to talk to your child about race, bias, and social justice. You may be struggling with questions and uncertainties yourself, and feel unprepared to discuss these issues with your child. If so, join the club! I am a

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Parenting through a Divorce

No one sets out to get a divorce, but unfortunately divorce is where a lot of us find ourselves in this day and age. The plans that we had in mind when we got married and started a family deviated into something painful and hard. Now you find yourself on a new path, a single

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Coronavirus: Finding Mindfulness and Gratitude in the Midst of Quarantine

With each added day of quarantine due to coronavirus, I’ve noticed that parents and children are becoming more anxious.  I want to share with you the most common underlying reason for anxiety that most people are feeling during this time, and what can be done about it. As parents, we are accustomed to what I

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