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Coronavirus: Is it Safe to Breastfeed?

Coronavirus has impacted almost every aspect of our lives, and breastfeeding is no exception. With that in mind, we thought we would offer some tips for our new Moms on breastfeeding during this uncertain time. You may have heard COVID-19 being referred to as “the novel Coronavirus.” This means that it is a virus that

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very small infant swaddled and crying, being held by mother

Swaddling (one of the “Five S’s” of infant soothing) is an age-old practice that restricts a newborn’s limbs by using a blanket or cloth and is one way to trigger a “calming reflex” in the first 8 weeks of life. When done correctly, swaddling can prove very effective for helping your little one fall asleep. Swaddling

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Infant Soothing (The Five S’s)

Father holding his new baby with dark hair next to the open window.

After babies are born, they often soothe by efforts that help recreate the womb environment. After all, a newborn has spent far more time in the womb than they have out in the fresh air and an adjustment period is to be expected. There are five interventions that have proven to be pretty effective when

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