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Stomach Bug 101

little girl with pig tails sitting on her bed holding her stomach from a stomach ache

The Ins and Outs of the Stomach Bug   We all know the feeling: you are woken from a deep sleep by the sound of your three-year-old’s vomit hitting the floor. Your stomach drops as you quickly process what is happening and what it means for the rest of the family. You hope and pray …

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Don’t Go Viral This Season: Winter Illnesses

Don’t Go Viral This Season: Winter Illnesses   The winter season is almost here. We want parents to feel well-prepared for the range of viruses and illnesses that tend to peak during this time. From the Flu to stomach viruses, understanding the symptoms and appropriate care can help you feel more at ease and prepared …

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Boost Your Child’s Immune System

Boost Your Child’s Immune System   Doesn’t every parent dread the following scenarios: starting an infant in daycare for the first time, preparing for the first day back to school, talking with your friend about the upcoming flu season, buying a gift for the birthday party at the place with all the inflatables? Cue the …

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Halloween Candy Swaps

Halloween Candy Swaps   Can you believe we’ve made it back around to the holidays again? Every time I step into the grocery store, I’m reminded that the Halloween candy has been out for weeks! I can’t lie; I am excited to enjoy some goodies. Give me all the sour candy! However, if your family …

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Picky Eaters

Do you have a picky eater at home? It can be frustrating when your child’s favorite food yesterday ends up on the floor repeatedly today (especially when you just restocked at Costco) or when they suddenly refuse to eat anything other than chicken nuggets, noodles, or French fries. You are not alone! This is a …

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All About ADHD

All About ADHD   ADHD is a significantly more common topic discussed in schools in recent decades. It is being recognized more commonly in children. Due to this, there are always a lot of questions surrounding this diagnosis. What is it? How do I know if my child has signs of this? How does it …

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May is Foster Care Awareness Month

May 2023 Blog

Help a (Foster) Mama or Dad Out!   Hello Parkside Friends! May is Foster Care Awareness Month! When we talk about foster care, it can bring up a lot of different feelings and thoughts in different people. Some of us are excited and passionate about foster care and helping serve children and their families during …

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Coronavirus: An Update on Children and the Vaccine

A topic that continues to stay in the news (and in our exam rooms with our Parkside families) is children and the coronavirus. Many questions are still circulating about kids and the COVID-19 vaccine and I think we all want to know more information about the population in our country who remains ineligible to receive …

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Coronavirus: Should My Child Get the Covid Vaccine?

child vaccination

As school starts back up here in the Upstate, I think the question at the forefront of all parents’ minds is, “What is the current research telling us about children and the coronavirus?” Here at Parkside, we are committed to keeping you educated and in-the-know about things Peds so that you can make the best …

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sticky note reminders

“Can you please choose one?” I say to my husband in a not so nice tone. He’s currently listening to music on spotify and watching Sport’s Center at the same time. As I watch him graciously mute the tv, I step out of myself and think back to when I thought this habit was endearing…maybe even …

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