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Back To School

Back To School

Sausage and Vegetable One-Pan Dinner

Intro: As a mother, I’m all too familiar with the stress and chaos of dinner times. It can feel like every night is a blur of chaos. It can be hard enough to ensure our children eat anything let alone a nutritious homemade meal. This recipe is easy to make ahead for those busy activity …

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Don’t Go Viral This Season: Winter Illnesses

Don’t Go Viral This Season: Winter Illnesses   The winter season is almost here. We want parents to feel well-prepared for the range of viruses and illnesses that tend to peak during this time. From the Flu to stomach viruses, understanding the symptoms and appropriate care can help you feel more at ease and prepared …

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Boost Your Child’s Immune System

Boost Your Child’s Immune System   Doesn’t every parent dread the following scenarios: starting an infant in daycare for the first time, preparing for the first day back to school, talking with your friend about the upcoming flu season, buying a gift for the birthday party at the place with all the inflatables? Cue the …

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All About ADHD

All About ADHD   ADHD is a significantly more common topic discussed in schools in recent decades. It is being recognized more commonly in children. Due to this, there are always a lot of questions surrounding this diagnosis. What is it? How do I know if my child has signs of this? How does it …

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Back to School

child boarding school bus

“Summer is over???” Many of you are thinking as August seems to be rolling in like a train with no breaks. Don’t be fooled, we here at Parkside feel the Exact. Same. Way. but we do have a few helpful tips for you and your family as you embark on another school year… Parkside’s Tips …

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Lice Advice

child scratching her head

The dreaded words we all wish to avoid with every fiber in our being…”Your child has lice.” The words themselves seem to crawl across the page, no? I mean bugs that grow in hair…on our child’s head? That can then somehow get on our own head? And LAY EGGS? Wow, that’s alot to process. But, …

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Freshman Year, Nothing to Fear?

college student in a library

How many times have we uttered the phrase, “Oh man, get ready for college—best years of your life.” to a graduating senior? How many times have we glossed over the huge changes that college life brings because our own memories of undergraduate life are foggy and romanticized? Are we missing our children’s unspoken fears and …

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Coronavirus: The School Dilemma

boy sneezing into a tissue at school

A common question I have received in many of my well care visits this summer is, “Should I send my child back to school during the coronavirus pandemic?”. And, as a parent, how could you not be a bit confused? Some private schools are planning to open. Greenville County has not finalized a plan just …

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