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Back to School

child boarding school bus

“Summer is over???” Many of you are thinking as August seems to be rolling in like a train with no breaks. Don’t be fooled, we here at Parkside feel the Exact. Same. Way. but we do have a few helpful tips for you and your family as you embark on another school year… Parkside’s Tips

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Childhood Trauma

sad child

When you envision raising your children, you probably imagine sweet swaddled infants, young toddlers playing in the front yard, and older children bringing home schoolwork and a refrigerator covered in artwork. However, these seemingly normal things can all look different when you are parenting children from traumatic backgrounds. Raising a child with a rough, dark,

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Remembering Martin Luther King Jr. with Your Child

children holding hands

 “I have a dream that my four little children will one day live in a nation where they will not be judged by the color of their skin but by the content of their character.” Martin Luther King Jr. It can be easy to fall into feeling inconvenienced by a holiday like MLK Day. I

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Family Time: All Your Child May Want for Christmas is You

father with child next to a christmas tree

“MOM!! Every light I look at is a snowman!!” was stridently proclaimed by my son as he burst through the door after a trip to the hardware store with Daddy. He was enthusiastically waving a pair of paper and plastic 3D glasses that make all lights look like snowmen. This over-the-top, unreserved exhilaration was quickly

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Helping Your Child Find Gratitude

mother with child at dining room table

A thankful heart. A true treasure to be valued in our society where quite a bit of our culture prioritizes the idea of  “more”. If we’re honest with ourselves, I fear we’d have to admit that many minutes of our lives  revolve around the next best thing—and how to attain it. For example, there has

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Election Day: Including Your Child in the Conversation

young boy standing in front of a blackboard

Election day is here and, while nothing is ever new under the sun, this particular election does feel charged with a novel amount of angst, excitement, and uncertainty. So do you tell your child about this day where time halts in our country? Do you start a conversation with them about politics at all? Parkside

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Coronavirus: Keeping Halloween Spooky, Not Contagious

children in costumes wearing masks

Halloween, a cherished holiday for many and a true symbol of American fall culture. With pretend play and candy consuming prioritized on this last day of October, how can you blame children for looking forward to it the second the leaves begin to change? Unfortunately this year, Halloween should look a little different due to

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What’s With All the Whining?

crying child

If you’re like me, hearing your child whine is right up there with the worst ways to die. Last year when my youngest (who is now  perfect thank you very much) was whining literally every hour, I sort of lost it. I became unglued. I responded in ways I am not proud of and if

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Coronavirus: Parenting Through Your Own Emotions

frustrated mother with family

There’s been many a moment over the last Covid-19 filled months where I’ve lost myself in negative thoughts, or just plain old worry, only to be brought back to reality by one (or several) of my children behaving poorly. I immediately try to remedy the situation by reacting appropriately but, since I was not even

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Freshman Year, Nothing to Fear?

college student in a library

How many times have we uttered the phrase, “Oh man, get ready for college—best years of your life.” to a graduating senior? How many times have we glossed over the huge changes that college life brings because our own memories of undergraduate life are foggy and romanticized? Are we missing our children’s unspoken fears and

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