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Melatonin, Use It or Lose It?

a little girl sleeping with hands under head on blue sheets

Sleep. We as parents know how coveted a good night’s rest can be, and most of us would pay large sums of money just to be guaranteed some solid shut eye. So, who can blame us when we run to CVS for some magical sleeping gummies—otherwise known as melatonin— for our restless children or even

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Did Someone Say Ear Infection?

What is the leading cause of sick visits to the doctor and the most common reason for children to get antibiotics? You guessed it—which probably wasn’t too hard since it’s the title of this post, but I’ll cut you some slack—ear infections, or acute otitis media, are truly what we see most as pediatricians. So,

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Parkside Summer Safety Tips

Well Care Visits The summer is a great time to prioritize preventative care. Call us to schedule an annual check up today! Sun Protection Apply, and re-apply, sunscreen (for children 6 months+). Utilize hats, sunglasses, and tight weave clothing whenever possible. Water Safety Awareness Be conscious of your surroundings and never leave your child unattended

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I Scream, You Scream, We all Scream for Sunscreen

Who doesn’t LOVE having their kids play outside in the sun? It’s a great way for them to soak in vitamin D, burn off some energy, and explore the world around them. At Parkside, we love the sun too, but we do want to educate families on the importance of sun protection for all ages-not

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Cradle Cap

Cradle cap is an extremely common skin condition in babies. Cradle cap, or Seborrheic Dermatitis, appears as red patches with oily, yellow scales (or even crusts) on the scalp. The not so cute patches can also be in the diaper area, armpits, forehead or face. Cradle cap often begins in the first few weeks of

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Diaper Rash

If you’ve ever been around a child who is still in diapers, you know that one of the most common issues you encounter is the dreaded diaper rash. And, if you are at all like me, you immediately want to know how to get rid of it and if you need to bring your child

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very small infant swaddled and crying, being held by mother

Swaddling (one of the “Five S’s” of infant soothing) is an age-old practice that restricts a newborn’s limbs by using a blanket or cloth and is one way to trigger a “calming reflex” in the first 8 weeks of life. When done correctly, swaddling can prove very effective for helping your little one fall asleep. Swaddling

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Infant Feeding: Transitioning to Solid Foods

dad with beard feeding his son while they sit in the floor. Dad is holding the spoon and yellow bowl.

Food. A key to survival and a part of our every day lives. And yet, all of us at some point or another had to learn to eat it. For parents with a new born transitioning into the infant phase, it is common to wonder, when do we start the real food? From personal experience

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Infant Soothing: The Five S’s

Father holding his new baby with dark hair next to the open window.

After babies are born, they often soothe by efforts that help recreate the womb environment. After all, a newborn has spent far more time in the womb than they have out in the fresh air and an adjustment period is to be expected. There are five interventions that have proven to be pretty effective when

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