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Healthy Holiday Recipes

piece of bread with peanut butter decorated as reindeer

‘Twas 5 days until Christmas and all through the house, not a sweet treat was unturned, not even a chocolate in the shape of a mouse… The holidays are in full swing and we know that means candy canes, cookie making, and hot cocoa for all. And, while we in no way are suggesting your

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Sugar…An Evil Trick or A Sweet Treat?

pumpkin decorated candy bucket with candy flowing out

Candy Corn, Sour Patch Kids, Kit-Kats, and—my personal favorite—Reese’s are just some of the sugary goods piling the shelves at your local grocery store this time of year and tempting your child at every turn. With Halloween, comes the start of a sugar filled holiday season, in which us parents are left constantly fighting the

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