Healthy Holiday Recipes

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‘Twas 5 days until Christmas and all through the house, not a sweet treat was unturned, not even a chocolate in the shape of a mouse…

The holidays are in full swing and we know that means candy canes, cookie making, and hot cocoa for all. And, while we in no way are suggesting your child should not indulge here and there on some sugary holiday cheer, we did want to offer up some healthy holiday recipes that keep the Christmas fun but add in a dose of protein, vitamins, and minerals.

Check out the following simple holiday recipes for festive—and healthy—snacks you can create with your child and build healthy habits for the whole family…

Grinch Fruit Kabobs

 Items needed:

-12 green grapes (seedless)

-1 banana

-12 strawberries

-12 mini marshmallows

-12 bamboo or wood kabob sticks



-slice banana into 12 even circles

-assemble the kabob by starting with the grape (the Grinch’s face) and end with the marshmallow (his hat toper)

-repeat 11 more times and serve on a plate to your littles for an afternoon snack

Rudolph Celery Sticks

Items needed:

-12 celery hearts

-smooth peanut butter (or almond butter/sunflower butter for those with allergies)

-12 traditional pretzels

-12 red m&m’s (or raspberries/cranberries)

-24 candy eyes (or 24 mini semi-sweet chocolate chips)


-fill the trench of a celery heart with your butter of choice

-split apart a pretzel and turn each piece sideways to make rustic antlers

-add candy eyes under the pretzels

-finish with an m&m for Rudolph’s notorious nose

-repeat 11 times or save the supplies for several days worth of assembly and consumption

Snowman Rice Cakes

Items Needed:

-6 rice cakes

-plain cream cheese

-36-40 raisins

-1 red bell pepper

-1 orange bell pepper (or 3 carrot sticks)



-spread cream cheese evenly over rice cake

-add raisins in the shape of a smile and eyes

-slice red bell pepper into thin strips (half of them longer than the others), use one long strip and one short strip to create a scarf

-add a half of a carrot stick or a small triangular piece of the orange bell pepper to create a nose

-repeat 5 more times and try to not name them all Olof

Happy holidays and happy (healthy) snacking to all!

Until next time,

Sara Lyskawa

Parkside Nutritionist, a proud New England native, and a lobster lover through and through

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