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Happy New Year From Our Family to Yours

Danielle Schoviak
By: Danielle Schoviak


A year already filled with so much anticipation. A year I know we all pray looks a bit different than the year we just experienced. A year that will no doubt hold its own grievances and disappointments. A year that will be a culmination of mundane Tuesdays, triumphant victories, heavy heartbreak, important decisions, and small impactful moments that will turn into long lasting memories.

But, as we look forward to the year ahead, let’s take a moment to reflect on 2020 and all it brought with it. I know as a pediatric practice, the weight of working in the medical field during a global pandemic was not lost on Parkside. We thank you for trusting us with your children, for bearing with us as we navigated new protocols, and for your understanding as our team learned what a “new normal” looked like within their work environment.

And, while there was certainly plenty of pain and hardship in the past year, we also felt so much joy in serving your families during this unprecedented time. Our sovereign God met us and displayed his grace through miraculous healing that we were blessed to bear witness to.


While reflecting on these previous strange months, many of us approach this new year brimming with hope. But, there are likely still just as many people who feel trepidation as the calendar turns to January 1st. Either way, I can confidently say that Parkside will be here for you in 2021. We promise to be a reassuring voice in the late night hours and a partner in the light of day when parenting choices can still seem very dark themselves.

No matter what the upcoming year holds, our team at Parkside truly looks forward to seeing how your children grow and flourish in 2021. We also can’t wait to keep growing ourselves as we aim to love and serve families all across the upstate.

So, with perspective and hope and humility, Parkside wishes your family the happiest of new year’s… May the whining be sparse and the Disney+ content be a plenty—just kidding, sort of!

Until next time,

Danielle Schoviak

Parkside Director of Operations, high heel shoe addict, and a member of the vintage red truck fan club

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