Holidays at Parkside

Happy Father’s Day!

By: Justin Moll, MD

Does Mother’s Day come before Father’s Day? Yes.

Is it impossible to get restaurant reservations on Mother’s Day but Dad’s Day is wide open everywhere? Yes.

Did mom’s present for Mother’s Day cost $50 more than dad’s gift for Father’s Day? Also yes.


But despite those statistics, I’m here to tell you that at Dr. Daddy Moll’s house, Father’s Day is sacred. Instead of going out to eat, dad grills for the whole family…and after that, my wife’s tradition is to plan an outing for just the kids and me…while she stays home…wait a second…

Ok, score another point for mom’s superior psychology.But seriously, it would be hard to argue that my performance as a dad deserves more attention than my wife’s performance as a mom.

That said, as a pediatrician, I meet a lot of amazing dads who do set the bar very high…

I see you arriving at our offices in-between work meetings to attend you child’s well check just to see how they’ve grown. I hear you maintaining a calming presence for your family when the hand, foot, and mouth symptoms have lasted days (and nights). I admire your patience during the monthly med checks for your teen and chuckle at your resourcefulness—typically involving many forms of bribery.

Yes, Dad, we here at Parkside see you and we are proud of you.

The fort building and the wrestling and the road tripping are creating memories for your family. The late night cuddles and the early morning pancakes are fostering a sense of stability for your child that will aid them in navigating adulthood. Your fatherly efforts matter and your presence as a dad is building your child’s confidence and self-worth .

So, whether you’re grilling for the group or taking this Sunday off, we hope your Father’s Day is a blast. Thank you for investing in what matters most and creating a legacy that will last. Parkside celebrates you!

Until next time,

Dr. Justin Moll

Parkside Provider, dad on fire, and Disney crier

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