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sticky note reminders

“Can you please choose one?” I say to my husband in a not so nice tone. He’s currently listening to music on spotify and watching Sport’s Center at the same time. As I watch him graciously mute the tv, I step out of myself and think back to when I thought this habit was endearing…maybe even …

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Happy Father’s Day!

father with child

Does Mother’s Day come before Father’s Day? Yes. Is it impossible to get restaurant reservations on Mother’s Day but Dad’s Day is wide open everywhere? Yes. Did mom’s present for Mother’s Day cost $50 more than dad’s gift for Father’s Day? Also yes.   But despite those statistics, I’m here to tell you that at …

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Happy Mother’s Day!

mother with child

Servant. Cheer leader. Teacher. Snack Maker. Personal driver. Midnight nurse. Secret Keeper. Hero. Mom. Parkside is in awe of all the moms we see walk in and out of our doors. From the first time moms with fresh newborns and sleepy eyes, to the seasoned veterans who are deep in the trenches of the teen …

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Remembering Martin Luther King Jr. with Your Child

children holding hands

 “I have a dream that my four little children will one day live in a nation where they will not be judged by the color of their skin but by the content of their character.” Martin Luther King Jr. It can be easy to fall into feeling inconvenienced by a holiday like MLK Day. I …

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Helping Your Child Find Gratitude

mother with child at dining room table

A thankful heart. A true treasure to be valued in our society where quite a bit of our culture prioritizes the idea of  “more”. If we’re honest with ourselves, I fear we’d have to admit that many minutes of our lives  revolve around the next best thing—and how to attain it. For example, there has …

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The Love and Serve Business

The thread that both binds and runs throughout Parkside Pediatrics and the Tribe513 family is a heartfelt commitment to loving and serving others before self. In fact, the “513” in our name is derived from Galatians 5:13 in which God calls us to use the freedom He gives us not to serve ourselves, but to …

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Mission Parkside: An Opportunity to Give

building after natural disaster

Mission Parkside is built on the truth that we are called to love and serve one another as Christ first loved us. Because of this calling, Mission Parkside actively works to engage, equip, and empower orphaned and vulnerable children not only in our own communities, but internationally as well. In an effort to strengthen our …

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Election Day: Including Your Child in the Conversation

young boy standing in front of a blackboard

Election day is here and, while nothing is ever new under the sun, this particular election does feel charged with a novel amount of angst, excitement, and uncertainty. So do you tell your child about this day where time halts in our country? Do you start a conversation with them about politics at all? Parkside …

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Remembering the Fallen

notes on a fence

What Does 9/11 Know? It knows the smell of burning flesh and smoke It knows the sound of innocent people screaming It knows the feeling was horrible and death defying It sees the World Trade Centers falling down onto the ground It knows the sound was planes zooming over the city It knows the taste …

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Talking to Your Child About Labor Day

Labor Day…a welcome Monday off for most, often used to enjoy the end of Summer with family and friends. We here at Parkside like an extra day off for rest and relaxation just like anyone else, but we want to encourage you to utilize this federal holiday to interact with your children on a deeper, …

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