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Mission Parkside: An Opportunity to Give

By: Ashleigh Gardner, DO

Mission Parkside is built on the truth that we are called to love and serve one another as Christ first loved us. Because of this calling, Mission Parkside actively works to engage, equip, and empower orphaned and vulnerable children not only in our own communities, but internationally as well. In an effort to strengthen our impact globally, Parkside adopted a Guatemalan village four years ago named El Chico. It has truly been a joy to work alongside the ministries of World Help and Hope of Life to care for the precious families and vulnerable children that inhabit this small village and call it home.

Last week, Hurricane Eta attacked Central America with fierce rainfall and winds…resulting in widespread flooding and landslides. Hope of Life suffered catastrophic damage to their property when the river next to campus burst over its banks and pummeled dirt, trees, and debris into all the buildings in its path. Seventy-five homes were destroyed on Hope of Life’s property alone and the clinic Hope of Life once used to provide free medical care is now filled with mud. Major roads are impassable, cutting off innumerable people from clean water and food. Needless to say, the situation in Guatemala is unimaginable and heartbreaking.


But we can help…

It is easy to feel helpless after reading about examples of devestation that I have described above. However, instead of just reading it, feeling sad, and pushing the negative thoughts away, what if we took small steps to activate change and bring hope to those in need? Parkside invites you to consider the following:

  • Praying specifically for Guatemala and its communities during the month of November. Include your children in the conversation as you acknowledge how different other families’ lives may look.
  • Consider giving. Hope of Life’s top priority is to care for as many people as possible in the form of food, water, hygiene packets, medical care, and shelter. Obviously, these supplies cost money. So, for the next two weeks, Mission Parkside is hosting a fundraiser to help provide these necessities for the inhabitants of El Chico and all of Guatemala. Give as you are able…share with friends and family…spread the word. Our goal is $10K by November 25th.

Thank you for joining us as we, by God’s grace, cultivate positive change and shed light in darkness.

Until next time,

Dr. Ashleigh Gardner

Parkside Provider, Hallmark Christmas movie buff, and cake maker on the side

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