Preventative Care

The Value of Well Care, Today and Everyday

By: Justin Moll, MD

During these crazy, corona times, I’m sure many of you are pausing to ponder, “Should I bring my child into the office for a well check?” The answer is a resounding “OH FO SHO YES!” Now is not the time to throw preventative care to the curb.

Well Care remains vital for your child’s health and well-being—today and every day!

Here’s a few reasons why Parkside stands fully behind these beliefs…

  • Immunizations need to be administered on schedule. There are many vaccine-preventable diseases that your child needs protection from. Do not let the fear of COVID-19 outweigh the importance of preventing many other more dangerous illnesses from making a comeback.
  • At Parkside, we recommend well visits and annual physicals for every age but preventative care for infants is especially critical. Children grow and develop so very quickly in their first couple years of life—well visits are our best opportunity to uncover any hidden problems, address any concerns that arise, and take immediate action when needed.
  • Many members of our Parkside family cope with ongoing physical and mental issues that require ongoing regular care. Tackling these issues together is even more important in today’s climate as we want to maintain a healthy baseline and avoid hospital visits as much as possible!

Still nervous about coming to see us for your child’s well visit? Learn more about the ways we are keeping you and your child safe during their well visit.

Until next time,

Dr. Justin Moll

Parkside Provider, dad on fire, and Disney crier

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