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Common Questions

February is for Healthy Hearts

Be smart about your heart!   February is Heart Health Month! When parents hear terms like “heart disease,” we don’t necessarily think of our kids or the pediatric population. Unfortunately, heart disease can affect kids, and living an unhealthy lifestyle can predispose them to heart disease later in life. Heart disease continues to be a …

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Don’t Go Viral This Season: Winter Illnesses

Don’t Go Viral This Season: Winter Illnesses   The winter season is almost here. We want parents to feel well-prepared for the range of viruses and illnesses that tend to peak during this time. From the Flu to stomach viruses, understanding the symptoms and appropriate care can help you feel more at ease and prepared …

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Boost Your Child’s Immune System

Boost Your Child’s Immune System   Doesn’t every parent dread the following scenarios: starting an infant in daycare for the first time, preparing for the first day back to school, talking with your friend about the upcoming flu season, buying a gift for the birthday party at the place with all the inflatables? Cue the …

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Halloween Candy Swaps

Halloween Candy Swaps   Can you believe we’ve made it back around to the holidays again? Every time I step into the grocery store, I’m reminded that the Halloween candy has been out for weeks! I can’t lie; I am excited to enjoy some goodies. Give me all the sour candy! However, if your family …

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Picky Eaters

Do you have a picky eater at home? It can be frustrating when your child’s favorite food yesterday ends up on the floor repeatedly today (especially when you just restocked at Costco) or when they suddenly refuse to eat anything other than chicken nuggets, noodles, or French fries. You are not alone! This is a …

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All About ADHD

All About ADHD   ADHD is a significantly more common topic discussed in schools in recent decades. It is being recognized more commonly in children. Due to this, there are always a lot of questions surrounding this diagnosis. What is it? How do I know if my child has signs of this? How does it …

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Tummy Time


“Frustration is the key to milestones”… I know I’ve read that somewhere when my youngest was a newborn and it’s the first thing that comes out of my mouth when addressing tummy time during well visits.  Every now and then, you may hear that a child enjoys tummy time but more often than not, newborns …

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Let’s Talk About Warts

child holding frog

Warts. Many of us likely had them as a child. Many of us still likely have no idea what they are or why they show up on our children’s hands, feet, and everywhere in between. These undesirable skin growths have been around forever. They are caused by a virus that is very good at survival, …

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Heart Murmur

baby holding a heart

A heart murmur is a condition in which an audible whooshing or swirling sound is heard by your doctor while listening to your child’s heartbeat. In an ideal scenario, we don’t hear anything except the strong dull snapping of the classic “lub-dub, lub-dub, lub-dub”. The “lub” portion, also called S1 or systole, is caused by the …

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Coronavirus: What’s the Word on a Children’s Vaccine?

family wearing masks

It’s been roughly two months since a COVID-19 vaccine has been approved for adults in our country and the roll out has only just begun. Currently, the vaccine is being administered in phases, where people in the medical field were given top priority. Many of our employees (i.e. your child’s providers and their team members) …

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