I Scream, You Scream, We all Scream for Sunscreen

Who doesn’t LOVE having their kids play outside in the sun? It’s a great way for them to soak in vitamin D, burn off some energy, and explore the world around them. At Parkside, we love the sun too, but we do want to educate families on the importance of sun protection for all ages-not

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Ring Worm

Contrary to its name, ringworm is not caused by a worm but is actually a skin infection caused by a fungus. It is commonly known as ringworm because it can cause a ring-shaped, red, itchy rash on the skin. Ringworm can also be referred to by its medical name, Tinea. There are many different types

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A concussion is a mild brain injury that can cause headaches, memory loss and confusion. Concussions can cause alarming behavior but are somewhat common. A concussion typically occurs as a result of a fall or other type of accident, often during sports. If your child gets a concussion, especially during sports, it’s very important that

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Parenting through a Divorce

No one sets out to get a divorce, but unfortunately divorce is where a lot of us find ourselves in this day and age. The plans that we had in mind when we got married and started a family deviated into something painful and hard. Now you find yourself on a new path, a single

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Strep Throat

african american Mother checking in her doctors mouth with a sore throat

This time of year, sore throat is a common childhood complaint and can be caused by viral or bacterial infections.  Treatment varies depending on the cause so it is always helpful to have your child examined to determine the best course of action.  The most common bacterial cause of sore throat is group A strep,

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A female doctor giving a young boy a shot on his arm as he holds a teddy bear

To vaccinate or not to vaccinate, that is the question… Vaccinating and what it means for your child has been a controversial topic throughout the years. As with many medical practices, there is quite a bit of misinformation surrounding vaccines on the internet, in social circles, and beyond. Here at Parkside, we want to calm your fears

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Screen Time: A Friend or Foe?

Picture of an asian baby on an airplane playing with a table and headphones on

TV! Smart Watches! iPads! Oh My! The digital world can be overwhelming to say the least. It can become even more complicated for parents who are trying to navigate modern culture AND make wise choices for their children and families. Digital media is a commonality of our world, but discerning what is helpful and what is

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